Worship Themes - July


July 7  -  A special communion service around the tables in the Fellowship Hall will create intimacy and depth to our communion service.  The sermon will examine God and Country and the ways we balance these sometimes competing allegiances.


July 14 - What’s good about the Good News?  Our worship service will have us break into teams who will apply the Gospel of Jesus to the participants in a murder trial.  Thinking about others will lead us to think about ourselves!


July 21- God, Gay and the Church: A Woman’s Story   We will have heard Michael Blackwoods’ faith story in June, how is the experience of women who are lesbian the same or different?   Rev. Dr. Kirstin Peachey will be preaching. 


July 28  - Lois Bucher’s farewell worship service, with special guest Rev. Dr. James Olson of the Illinois Conference administering the ritual of closure.