Worship Themes-October

Oct. 6              World Wide Communion Sunday Our stewardship campaign invites us to think of our church as ‘A Way’: a distinctive path that helps us create a better future for ourselves and for others.  We begin by thinking of the church as a way that connects us with our neighbors, including those whom we often don’t think of as our neighbors.  A Way to Neighbors Luke 10:25-37

Oct. 13            ‘Seek Ye the Welfare of the City’   There are those who look for a church that will feed their soul.  There are also those who look for a church that will make the world a better place.  Can’t we be both?  The Way’ of Christ connects us with care of ourselves and the communities that we live in.  Jeremiah 29: 1, 4-7

Oct. 20            ‘Dealing with your Inner Zombie’  This is ‘Nightmare on Chicago Street’ weekend, when there will be a lot of people dressed up as witches, zombies and vampires in Elgin’s downtown.  The recurrence of the popularity of zombies (the undead) and vampires (those whose vitality comes from sucking the life out of others) does invite us to ask: what is authentic living?  How can we be a source of good and life for others?   Our reflections are based on sayings in John, 6:35, 8:12,14:6.

Oct. 27            ‘The First Congregational Way’  Psalm 1, Isaiah 40, John 14:6.  As I write this at the end of September, I write in a certain confidence that we will be back in the sanctuary by this Sunday.  Some of us will have found the pews that have been our sitting places for lo these many years!  But even as we settle in some old habits, we move forward in answering God’s call to us in this time.