Worship Themes - September

Sept. 1            What do you want to be when you grow up?      Some of us knew what we were going to be when we grew up for as far back as we can remember.  Others of us have changed our minds  a lot, or have had our minds changed by the circumstances of our lives.  We don’t always have as much of a choice as we dreamed we would.  But we do have choices about the kind of people we will be.  Rev. Montgomery will speak on the nature of vocation for people (and churches), based upon Genesis 12:3, Luke 9:18-27

Sept. 8            ‘A Particular Moment’  There was a moment last spring when our search for a way to trim the budget met with a large number of people passionate about the environment which coupled with the critical climate issues of our time, and this year’s Live Love Theme of ‘Care of the Environment’ was born.  Rev. Montgomery will speak on the importance of this and the theological grounding for our work from   Genesis 1 and 2.

Sept. 15          ‘The Problem of God’  1 Kings 19, passim.  Churches are discovering what university faculty have been telling us for some time: there are an increasing number of people who don’t believe in God.  Now most of us don’t believe in the god that other’s don’t believe in---and that has nothing to do with the God we believe to be real.  But how do we explain who God is in ways that are not oppressive?

Sept. 22          An Elusive God  Psalm 22:1-8.  How can there be a God when there is so much suffering?

Sept. 29          American gods     Neil Gaiman’s book American Gods playfully posits the battle of the ‘old gods’ of pre-Christian traditions against the ‘new gods’ of American culture (consumerism, sex, violence, etc.).  Who do we really worship?  Rev. Montgomery preaches on Exodus 3:13-15   and Mark 15:33-39